Shipping & Delivery Details

Shipping & Delivery

We ship from all major ports of the United States including Houston, New Jersey, Miami & Los Angeles.

Container Details

Container Details

Here are the container details for your ease

Dimensions Standard 20' Standard 40' Standard 40' HC
INSIDE WIDTH 7’8"/2.33m 7’8”/2.33m 7’8"/2.33m
INSIDE HEIGHT 7’10"/2.38m 7’10"/2.38m 8’10’/2.69m
DOOR WIDTH 7’8"/2.33m 7’8"/2.33m 7’8"/2.33m
DOOR HEIGHT 7’6"/2.28m 7’6”/2.28m 8’5”/2.56m
CAPACITY 1,172ft³/33.18m³ 2,390ft³/67.67m³ 2,694ft³/76.28m³
TARE WEIGHT 4,916lb/2,229kg 8,160lb/67.67m³ 8,750lb/3,968kg
MAX. CARGO 47,999lb/21,727kg 59,040lb/26,780kg 58,450lb/26,512kg
Export Policy

Export Policy

The mission of World Deal Traders is to provide quality products from the United States and other parts of the world to our International Clients at competitive prices. We are able to do so by leveraging our existing vendor base and logistical network of our local market operation.

Insurance Policy

Insurance Policy

World Deal Traders does not offer insurance unless requested specifically by the customer. Customer is responsible for the insurance charges and also for submitting claims if need be.



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